422L Sunset Swing Cover

422L Ultimate Swing Cover

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Looking for a Ultimate Swing Cover?

Your new 422L Ultimate Swing Cover is available for pre-order for a discounted price.  We are finishing up production and wanted to offer a special 1 time discount to all of our U.C. Swings Customers.  P.S. This will include free Shipping. SHHHHHH!


  • Waterproof Polypropylene
  • Prevents Rust and Corrosion
  • Breathable and Flexible, even in cold weather

Ultimate Comfort Swings has you covered

422L Ultimate Swing Cover

422L Ultimate Swing Covers are easy to install.  A 422L Ultimate Swing Cover will fit perfectly around your canopy handle and installs like a cape.  Your new 422L Ultimate Swing Cover is constructed of a very high quality marine grade canvas material.  Every 422L Ultimate Swing Cover has a high quality outdoor zipper and 8 stainless steel grommets.  Your 4 bungees to attach to each leg of your 422L sunset swing.  This will hold the cover secure to the swing legs.

422L Summer Patio Swing

The Newest Swing by Sunset Swings – 422L

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422L Ultimate Swing Covers: Nuts and Bolts

Ultimate Comfort Swings 422L cover is guaranteed to provide all-season protection to your swing.  Our 422L covers are made from state of the art materials that will effectively repel rain, sun, snow, dust, and dirt.  Our covers will also help defend against falling leaves, wild animals, bird droppings and more.  We offer a Swing cover that is sized to perfectly fit your 422L Sunset Swing.  So you can find the swing to be clean and ready to use any time of year.  Our 422L Swing covers are designed to fit around the umbrella stem for a perfect fit.  We also sell covers fitted for your 422sb and 421L swings. The Cover comes in any color you would like as long as it is: Black  (Thank you Mr. Ford)

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422L Ultimate Swing Cover Care & Maintenance Guide

First you have to understand the concept of a 422L Ultimate Swing cover.  422L Swing Covers are designed to protect your outdoor Swing investment, to keep your 422L Swing clean and dry.  Just like anything that sits outside in the elements, 422L Ultimate Swing protective covers will get dirty.  If the 422L Swing covers get dirty then they are doing their job in keeping the weathering, dirt and debris away from your 422L Sunset Swing.

When your 422L Ultimate Swing cover gets dirty, follow these simple instructions to keep your 422L Ultimate Swing cover looking good and lasting.

Washing your 422L Ultimate Swing cover

  1. Please Remove any large debris from the 422L swing covers.
  2. Leave your 422L swing covers on the 422L Sunset Swing and rinse off with a hose.
  3. Use mild, warm soapy water. (nothing abrasive or with harsh chemicals)
  4. Use a soft rag to scrub the dirt and dip in the soapy water repeatedly.
  5. Rinse off with a hose and allow to dry on the Sunset Swing.  If possible hang from an overhang, as long as the swing covers don’t touch the ground.
  6. If the 422L Ultimate Swing cover were hung to dry, please make sure they are totally dry before placing back on your 422L Sunset Swing.

We recommend that you never put your 422L Swing covers in the washing machine.  We have had our customers and Father-in-law put their covers in the washing machine and they turned out fine and clean.  Others said their 422L Ultimate Swing covers were destroyed from the harsh soap and agitation.  We have experienced 50-50 results on this and still prefer the good old hose down method.

Storing your 422L Ultimate Swing cover

The warm season is here and your ready to store your 422L Ultimate Swing cover.  Get ready to use your prized 422L Sunset Swing.  Follow these easy instructions to safely store your 422L Ultimate Swing cover.

  1. It’s always best to clean your 422L Ultimate Swing cover with the instructions above before storing for prolonged periods of time.
  2. Make sure your 422L Swing covers are totally dry before storing. If water is trapped in the 422L Swing covers while store, they may mildew.  Mildew occurs when water can’t escape and evaporate.
  3. Once you have your 422L Ultimate Swing Cover folded neatly.  You could place in the original 422L Ultimate Swing Cover package or in a clean dry place to use for the next time you need to protect your beautiful 422L Sunset Swing.
  4. Once safely back in the packaging, put the 422L Swing covers indoors or in a covered area so they aren’t exposed all year long.  This will make your 422L covers last longer.

Our 422L Ultimate Swing Covers are easy to use, simple to clean and easy to store.  We would hope to have you as a valued customer and enjoy your 422L Ultimate Swing Cover for years to come.

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