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For the most comfortable back yard or patio swing on the market, there is no comparison to Sunset Swings line of single and double patio swings. Swing alone or with someone in the smoothest swing you can have with a Sunset Swing. Sunset Swings are engineered for the least resistance and most comfortable positions possible. The patio swings feature a tough powder coated finish so it can withstand the weather as well as the heat or cold while outside. Sunset Swings are also available with canopies to keep the sun off you while you swing.

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Sunset Swings – Built to Last


The powder coated finish is not the only durable feature on Sunset Swings, even the bolts are anti-rust coated. The frame of Sunset Swings is constructed with 3” round 11 gauge and 14 gauge tubular steel for strong, safe swinging.

The thickness of the frame along with the breathable canopy and seats allow air to pass through easily without the risk of tipping over in a strong wind like some swings tend to do. The pivot points on Sunset Swings utilize 2” sealed steel ball bearings for ultra-smooth motion. So any “rider” on a Sunset Swing will have a safe, relaxing glide.


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While the 421L is a single seat, it is a two-person swing, for extra cuddly swinging with your loved ones. So all Sunset Swings are multi-person patio swings in different configurations. The Sunset Swings 422 SB Dual Recliner has two single person seats that can recline and swing independently of each other. So you get to swing how you like even if there are two of you.

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Sunset Swings
Sunset Swings
Sunset Swings
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